Business Apps

Are you doing something with your business that is still on paper and you have thought – “why the hell are we still writing this stuff down?” Surely it can’t be that hard to make it save to a spreadsheet from a mobile. If someone is then entering the data or you spend lots of time looking through the pile of papers for one piece of information I can help.

If you are a business who needs an app to help with a messy business function, reporting, accountability, liability or tracking/recording, it can be made simpler.  Apps for business that don’t need fancy graphics are now simpler to make.  I can offer a one off charge or pay per click is possible and we will scope out the benefits before commencement to ensure a return on your investment. Let me know the issue your business is facing and we can come up with the solution and make it work well for you.

Warehouse app mobile app developmentThe simplest way to describe how my apps work is a spreadsheet hosted in the cloud, with selected views for specific people/users entering information that is shown in real time on your desktop browser or another app. It can trigger emails, SMS or open the warehouse door! It can do maths to work out rent, charges and time taken, generate reports or show map pins of all the reports with the images the user has uploaded. If you are currently using a spreadsheet for part of your business, we can look at this and make the app control it so customers can do your manual data entry processes for you. Making an app control the data also stops incorrect inputting of data – both internally and externally. 

I will leave you with full access to amend and change so you can evolve and adapt it with any other developer you choose ongoing.  See more about an app development.

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