My project for young people in Suffolk

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I have been having great success with my Make-it.Technology project here in Ipswich, getting Raspberry Pi computers in plastic tubs with screens, keyboard, mouse and electronics kits to young people to have a go at coding and see if they like the experience – to see about a career in coding or make a difference to the world! The young people have been having fun and it’s been very rewarding knowing I have started the journey to computer programming for some young people that never knew what programming was – and they are naturals!

It all started a few years back when I was filmed by the BBC for a project to connect a truck to the internet, getting my involvement with the Raspberry Pi foundation and the start of the Raspberry Jam events in Ipswich. I saw the potential for these cheap computers to be put in-front of the young person that I was, that missed an opportunity in code at a young age. Becoming an electrical engineer and mixing this with code has lead to the project that is now a real entity going out getting young people accessing code and seeing their potential. 

Learning computer programming with the Raspberry Pi in IpswichIt’s very simple, with ten tubs, worksheets and support to have a go at live coding both young and old are able to have a go in any location that has power. I have made worksheets to control LED lights that the students have wired up, to control a motor with an arm and coding (computer programming) in Minecraft to make megga structures that would otherwise take hours to do. 

This is great for personal development and confidence with a ‘I can do this moment’ when it works and a sense of achievement and accomplishment when they work through the faults in the code and get it right. 

Please do check out the website and sign up to the mailing list to get worksheets, events and achievements sent to your in-box and thanks for reading.