So how much will it cost me?

I can make you a fully functioning, simple WordPress website, like the example here for £650, with a clear understanding of your needs portrayed in the final design and needs of the website.  Also comes with 2 hours free training included. 

I can make you a WordPress website with photography and branding and a full SEO brief, that will do well on the search engines for what you wish to achieve,  like the one here for £950 with two hours free training included. 


Hourly rates that you control.

You can sit with me for £40 per hour, then pro-rater 10 mins thereafter amending your own existing WordPress website or one to one WordPress training for one hour or a whole day if you need to, for as long as you wish to carry on for and I actually prefer a weekends.

I also offer consultancy for e-commerce, drop shipping or website procurement working from sole traders right up to larger councils procuring websites, for £40 per hour or £300 for a full day.

E-commerce customers, looking to sell online can use my services  to find the right solution and delivery method (courier, haulier or postal) with my history in selling online.  We will find the right website or social media platform to suit your product and tie all of this up in a way that your staff can manage and you can account for.


Ongoing Costs.

Most customers choose £10 per month hosting, with some opting for the £20 with more support for their website. (you may also host it yourself!)  You can call for me on an hourly rate for support any-time you wish with your website backed up every night for the last 30 days, as well as Stop The Hacker Software from HeartInternet.