Are enquires coming in? Let's create the perfect customer journey, focusing on what makes them find you and engage. I work out where your customers search online and support you to convert them.


I will personally build you an impressive workflow application for mobile, tablet and PC. I have some very clever examples of how I've saved time, given control and accountability to many.


For a new or existing website, there are ways to get it found online. I can show your staff how to keep it ranked and find the right quality leads, connections and sales. You have full control ongoing.


You have the perfect website, strategy and already winning the work. What else is there, that can help with efficiency, staff retention, welfare, growth and business resilience?

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Some of the wonderful people I have worked with.

I was very impressed with Andy’s website consultant service. He came to Best of Suffolk’s offices bounding with energy and was able to explain the technicalities of SEO in an easy to follow way. We learnt a lot in a short time and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend.

Naomi Tarry, Best of Suffolk

Andy Proctors instruction was brilliantly pitched at my knowledge base and really well tuned to my way of learning. If you’re looking to hone your skills with your WordPress website log-in, I’d thoroughly recommend spending a couple of hours with Andy.

Dawn Meredith-Davies

Andy showed me in a way that I could understand and remember, and doing it myself allows me to use language appropriate to the potential clients I want. This is not something I would expect an outsider 3rd party SEO company to be able to do.

William Barthorpe. Catering for Suffolk.