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Website development WordPress examples Ipswich I have been making website for over 20 years.

I make websites that not only work, but make you happy! I fully understand how to get your website found, and to show you how to keep it found ongoing. 

Anyone you choose can have secure access with different levels of control, to keep it up the rankings for the right keywords. Giving more people access to amend the website helps the search engines indexing as it is is regular, relevant, updated content.

WordPress is easy to use ongoing and I offer training for any member of staff or administrators of your new website.

I welcome a phone call to see what design idea you are thinking of and offer genuine advice – sometimes, it’s not a website you need and I would much rather dissuade you from needing me, when a social media platform may suit you better. 

You have control of everything. The new website is your property, as you paid me to make it for you. You can offer a budget spend or the costs can be built up depending on what you need. I make what you want, I advise on you what I think you need, not what is easy for me. 

With my history in business, I can normally add all of the written content for you once I understand your product or service and the target customer demographic and any commercial/colloquial terms. You just need to tell me what it is that your business offers and I will write all the pages with search engine keywords in place to get you up the rankings.

If I write the content for you, I can use the right formatting and tags to get you found online.

I can take all the images needed from any stock you have, as well as visiting site for the perfect look and feel of the site. It is best to have real images of the business and the offer, instead of stock images that do not add a trust to the new website.

When I add the images to the website I name, tag, describe and make the most of the opportunity for search engines rankings. 

How the website looks and feels will be dependent on the budget or what visual elements you pick. Graphic design is a key part of the build and animation, moving logo’s and video can make for a fantastic draw to your business. I am not just the website guy, I integrate into your team to make this work for you. 

My latest website project for a company in Kent.

If you would like a chat, please do contact me. You can read more about me and my own LinkedIn profile.