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Warehouse engineers app development company - Logging data, images and recording field engineers reports

The personal service, with personal pricing. 


Are you tired of your paper-based processes in your business and wondering why you haven’t digitised them yet? It’s time to simplify and streamline your operations by transforming your manual tasks into a mobile business app that seamlessly saves and retrieves using a cloud hosted spreadsheet.

Remove clipboards and pens. Engineers reporting with images in real time. Fixes and resolved updates and closing off jobs in real time. 

Partner with me to create you a customised workflow app that addresses your unique business challenges. As the app owner, you’ll have full control over its development and can make changes and updates as needed. Together, we will make a solution that not only solves your current issues but also has the potential to grow beyond your expectations, when you are ready. 

If you’re in the Suffolk, Essex or Norfolk area and need an efficient solution to improve your business function, reporting, accountability, liability, or tracking/recording, I can help you.

Why choose a workflow app? It’s simple: imagine a spreadsheet hosted securely in the cloud, accessible from anywhere, with tailored views for different users or staff, all made your own Google account.  Your team, or customers, can enter data in real time through their mobile devices, while you monitor everything from your desktop browser or another app.

This powerful solution can automate tasks such as triggering emails, sending SMS notifications, or even opening doors in your warehouse remotely. You will be able to do more from home, check on progress while waiting in the car, or even the beach if you are really keen!

Your app can perform calculations, generate insightful reports, and display map pins with user-uploaded images, allowing you to visualize your data effectively.

If you’re currently relying on a spreadsheet for certain aspects of your business, let’s explore how we can integrate it seamlessly into your app. By letting customers handle manual data entry processes, you can save time and reduce the risk of data errors. With an app controlling your data, both internally and externally, you’ll ensure accuracy and efficiency.

Take the first step towards transforming your business processes. Contact me today with the challenges you’re facing, and let’s build an app that empowers your business for success. You may be struggling to get everything done in the hours you have each day – I can give you Friday off, and give your business the margin and capacity to grow.

I will leave you with full access to amend and change so you can evolve and adapt it with any other developer you choose ongoing.  See more about my app development.

Phone me any time or book a visit on my calendar.