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    Your own in-house app to automate and control workflows, paper recorded tasks, time consuming data processing and the end to calculation errors.


    Most of the warehouse community use a dedicated warehouse management platform. And many are still operating workflows with clunky and hard to understand home-brew rows on spreadsheets, hosted in the cloud.

    Why not use an App to manage the status, input, updates and reports? What if it was made on an account opened in your company name and details, so you can have anyone access, amend and update – not being dependant on the developer ongoing. Get your staff and maybe even the customer doing your data entry at source. 


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    Using a cloud hosted spreadsheet like Excel, Docs or Google Sheets means I can use an app to manipulate the data in a safe way. With a standard spreadsheet staff can enter data in the wrong place, the wrong format or delete data causing worry, loss or downtime. Using an app refines, controls and slices the information based on the users access levels and any-one in the field, on a van or visiting site can access and record real time information. Having your customers also using your app then gives your workflow real power and time saving, error or liability as there is no re-keying of data and they can have views that you set and only see relevant information that you choose.

    Get your staff on the ground to enter the data at source, saving office admin repeating the task.

    The app can of course handle volume, rent, time calculations and have map pins, save results and trigger SMS alerts, emails and even control lighting and switches or open barriers to automate security.  All information can be seen in another app, on a web browser or updated in real time to a spreadsheet or dashboard screen in the office. 

    Example mobile apps.
    • Container yard check (above).
    • Asset delivery in real time.
    • Survey inspection results from the field.
    • Daily driver vehicle check and reporting.
    • Staff timesheet and accountability (with tracker).
    • Customer delivery call off.
    • Goods inbound stock adjustment.
    • Stock outbound and live van delivery logging.


    If your staff are using an app to control a workflow or decisions, it takes the responsibility away from them, avoiding conflict. The app is accountable and required. 


    Ask me for help if you want to get this started within your own business. 

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