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    You won’t find a better Internet service provider than Heart Internet. They are simply the best for customer support and service.

    I contacted Heart about 3 domains I had purchased for 3 young people waiting to take possession of the domain and they gave an answer within 5 mins. They offered brilliant advice and support. I asked them to help further and they did. Heart Internet aren’t just a domain registry company. They are very good at customer service and following up with their commitments and promises.

    They are simply brilliant. Number one…

    When I had a website go down in its entirety, I contacted them again stating the website was down and they logged in and fixed it within minutes. Sure, it was during office hours so they would have had a full contingency of staff, but I think that’s worth blogging about and praising HeartInternet.

    I have been logging in to other Internet service providers for my customers such and 1&1 and Go Daddy and I can say they are all poor compared to Heart. The fact that you can buy a domain, install WordPress and many other platforms and have a live site within 2 hours is almost scary! The whole flow and navigation is perfect once you are logged in and I never struggle to find my way around.

    Well done Heart Internet, your work here is done and I will be telling a lot more people in the WordPress tuition classes that I offer about you. I am training the future WordPress Developers in our area and I will suggest they all use Heart Internet as their service provider.

    Well done! Number one…

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