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  • Website Remodelling.

    When you have great development, loads of content and your own in-house images you can make something that really portrays the reality of the business. I really enjoyed stitching this website together to make the final presentation. Made on WordPress it has all the tools for both myself as the administrator, the operations team and the events lead to have a log-in and update their own tools and sections in real time.

    WordPress website build – 2024.

    The website for an ambulance company in KentWhen you see a website with stock images of good looking people holding tablets and clipboards with perfect hair and not a care in the world – it makes you feel nice, but does little to confirm that the business has real and tangible tools to offer the service it promises.  This long term project meant that I stayed on site for a few days each week, capturing not only the images but all the services offered – even going out on the ambulances with my medical qualification to get the full experience. I had the opportunity to get images of the ambulances, staff, tools and equipment and write meaningful blogs and content for Facebook and LinkedIn.

    Sitting in with the operations team, taking calls, helping to support operations and doing jobs around the place meant that being fully absorbed gave me the real essence of the business.

    Being close to the team within the business ensured consistency and honesty in the websites services, promises and correct place in the market.

    I genuinely enjoyed this website and hope that great things carry on now that it has been handed over.


    Check out the website at https://www.bm-ambulance-service.co.uk/

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