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    One way to be sure to ‘help’ your business, community or groups website get found on Google is of course doing the things that Google asks of you. We all understand that having Google Analytics installed will give you the results you need for the visits you have had and that Webmaster Tools will tell you how many times the ones you aren’t being found for are used, but what tools can we use to help our rankings?

    Using free tools is of course a good start. Using Googles tools keeps them happy and also shows them that you are doing what you should be with your website, as your doing this, where others may not be.

    This is the important bit!

    Google places for business is linked to your gmail email account (Google account) and you need to create your listing for your location on Google Places For Business maps. This regionalises your search and you can put a radius that you operate on it as well as opening hours. I find that putting your business hours of opening actually helps with your website being shown at the right time of day for your business as well as the actual map listings results with the red pin on the map in the search results. The radius makes your website shown in the right area, not wasted nationally affecting your bounce rate.

    So, if your business is not on Google Places for business you can do this yourself and need to do it.

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