How to think of the customer when blogging

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So we all hear how important it is to blog.  And this is easy right? – How many of us sit at our computer, and think “must blog”.  You are right and regular ‘relevant’ updated content is very important for SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) and of course marketing through engagement and return visitors also works for some websites.

Next time you blog, make it engaging and entertaining but make sure you use the right language to make it found and achieve a better bounce rate for your website.

My most inspiring and rewarding interjection in my training that has the most outcomes is asking staff or stakeholders how their customers describe their products or services.  This week I worked with an industrial paint company and their task seemed easy as all the customers are ‘trade’ and therefore use trade words (to find them).  But what if they are painting something new?  They know that they need a Prima, Epoxy based powder paint and an oven to bake it in, but what would they Google (and connect with the company) if they had never painted this material before?

The language you use, may not be what comes off the end of your customers fingers!

I found out that when you paint a shipping container, you need a specific type of paint.  So if someone who has never painted a shipping container before looks for the paint they need, they may enter “Shipping Container Paint” or “TEU 40ft Paint”… Where on the website, do they have “40ft and 20ft TEU Metal Shipping Container Paint” on a page talking about metal paint – or a product in their store with this in the description?

Seems easy right? –

Well it may be if you’re from the outside looking in, but it’s hard if you’re in that industry to be your customer with their own unique language and words (maybe even slang)

If you’re looking for keywords for what people use to find your products and services, maybe the sales team need to put some pages, blog and content on the descriptions – but maybe the people that answer the phones, the van drivers and guys in the warehouse need to have a say in this from their alternative environment.  Perhaps an open and active learning session with the staff, for the webmaster to have more vision of the needs of wording and long tail keywords on the website and product descriptions is needed?

There is much more to blogging, like structure and tagging and thinking why you are blogging that day for the right attraction, but the language of your customers is one that I wanted to share with you, so thanks for reading. – And no,  I was not thinking about the language that people would use and put it on this page when I wrote it (maybe I didn’t know what it was!)

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