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3D Printed Face Shield

This is the model I am printing as it has no foam, no elastic and can be cleaned while taking shorter times to print than some of the more complex models being made. KISS.

3D Printed Face Sheild UK

Running three printers at home. The first is my original Prusa with the middle Prusa on loan as well as the 3rd 3D printer also on loan to speed up production. Another two printers in the next village are also running and two other friends also making frames to feed in to production. My Uncle is the acetate fitter and distributor.


Original You Tube Video

3D printing files download

Example shield material (out of stock)

How to cut the acetate sheets (like a Pro)

Any OHP clear sheets for Over Head Projectors. 150 micron is perfect.





Care must be taken to be as clean as possible when making. Do not give these out and risk the spread of virus being contaminated by you! Travel restrictions are in place so think about distribution and rules around this and the spread of the virus. 

If it is made from PLA wearers can submerse it in hot water to adjust the width of the headband. 


Prusa Printer Face Sheild Covid 19 Coronavirus

Made at home as a hobbyist, not part of any official supply or agent. No charge has been made to anyone for any visors or donated materials that we have passed on or journeys or service offered.