Privacy Info

Privacy information and data compliance.

How your data is stored and used.

Inclusion of details of legitimate interests in our privacy information. I understand our responsibility to protect the individual’s interests and I am registered for data compliance ICO:00042458701.

I will never pass on, sell or use your data for anything other than the legitimate interest most appropriate for how we use people’s data in ways they would reasonably expect and which have a minimal privacy impact, or where there is a compelling justification for the processing. I only use individuals’ data in ways they would reasonably expect, unless I have a very good reason and I am not using people’s data in ways they would find intrusive or which could cause them harm, unless again, I have a very good reason.


Mailing list (email).

Andy Proctor has a mailing list that is used for legitimate interest only, relating the people on this list subscribing and confirming that they want to receive the news, information, service upgrades and any issues with our service (outages or upgrades needed including any downtime). Our mailing vendor (MailChimp) has an opt-out option on every mail-shot sent. Our mailing has contacts that have signed up to the list and not the same as our list of customers. All of the people on our list have signed up for them to receive the information via email, not a generic list/contact sent to a company email address. It is always a person who as asked to be on that list either within a business, sole trader or private person interested in the information we send out. The only information held is name and email address only; to make it necessary to achieve contacting them and no more. This information is held with MailChimp and only has name and email address stored, nothing else other than the clicks, opens and campaigns list history and who they have been send to. We do not believe that there is another way reasonably achieve the same result in another less intrusive way.

Customer Data Base.

Existing customers and new customers are stored on-line in our accountancy package and secured with the appropriate security that our accountancy vendor provides. No ‘one off’ customers are stored for more than six months. Customers expecting to be returning customers are stored for six months and re-added if they engage with Andy Proctor LTD for any work, after the six months. Customers with regular monthly or annually paid accounts (hosting) are stored. We have no paper copies of invoices, statements or customer lists and all data is backed up by the accountancy package vendor not backed up and saved to disk by Andy Proctor LTD in any way. We have no stored reports, spreadsheets or customers information on lists stored on computers, hard drives, CD, USB or external drives at all.

We save the following information for the customers who remain on the data base (in our on-online accountancy package).

• Surname,
• First Name,
• Business Name,
• Address and Post Code,
• Contact Phone Number,
• Land Line Phone Number,
• Contact Email Address,
• Accounts Email Address,
• VAT number,
• Company Registration Number,

We also hold historic invoices, payments, un-paid invoices, and account balances on our on-line accountancy package. We do not have customer bank account details, just balances and payments made to us.

Saved Email Contacts.

We use Gmail email to store our list of email contacts. We have a Gmail Account with Two-Step Authentication (a Password and SMS to Andy’s Phone) that has to be entered before access can be achieved for enhanced security.
Customer quotes.
Customer quotes are prepared with-in an email and send in the body of the email or as an attachment to an email within Gmail. We do not save the data on the computer/drive that it is created as Gmail saves the file for us. Our email account has Two-Step Authentication
Cloud Stored Files with Contact Data.
Andy Proctor LTD does not store any contacts in our own cloud storage services not already mentioned above. No files or quotes are stored in cloud storage not mentioned above.

Contact details stored on Mobile Phones.

Andy’s mobile phone is secured with a unique password known only to Andy and Mandy as well as finger print recognition for Andy. No-one else has access to this and the data is only stored/backed up within Gmail contacts with Two-Step Authentication.
Notes from phone calls.
Where possible we would not need to write down your name and number as it would be stored on Andy’s mobile phone and followed up with a request to email us. Should your number be stored on paper it would be saved to Andy’s mobile and the paper copy destroyed and disposed of in a way that it could not be read or retrieved in the waste process at any location the number is taken down.

Responsible Person.

Andy Proctor is the administrator of our mailings lists, information sent and how our data is managed, used, maintained and stored. Andy is responsible for keeping our LIA under review, and repeat it if circumstances change.


Last updated 22/9/2021