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You can have a website developer who makes technically developed websites and mobile apps. You can have a graphic designer who makes great looking websites and apps. You can have a search engine (Google) aware developer who can cram your site with content.

You deserve someone who knows shipping, revenue, delivery methods and listens to your business, charity or organisations needs, supporting you with your current website or app development. If you want to sell on-line or get your website engaging with the right targeted audience we have to understand what the websites aims are. I can show you how to use your existing WordPress website to it’s full potential and work with you on the right outcomes as well as mobile app development for business. 


You should get what you want, not what your developer tells you!


I can help you achieve your needs with the budget you have, inclusive of all of the above.


  1. WordPress Website Training For Businesses
  2. Data control and data entry mobile apps for business