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I had a young entrepreneur from the Eastern Enterprise Hub email me wanting support with his website not being found on Google.  While I was answering I thought I should share it with anyone else that may need this kind of advice, so here it is. Generalised to help everyone but please, do all of the points listed.  I would add that checking your Analytic’s is important and this is not the be all and end all for SEO, but some good, easy, free tips!


Your website looks, good, well done.

Firstly you need to submit your website ONCE (ever) to  Trust me, it looks a bit naff, but it’s not.

You need to have a FreeIndex Listing and get every one you do work for (customers paid or unpaid) to leave a review.   Set up a profile
You need to get as many RELEVANT websites linking to you as you can and get Tweeting and Facebooking to attract work to your website.
How often do you update your website with new pages or a blog maybe?  This is showing Google that you have regular relevant updated content so it should service its customer (Joe Public) well by sending him to your site as you have the latest information.  Once every two or four weeks is good.  BLOG BLOG BLOG and use language and keywords in the blog that people would use to find you.
Also, your home page needs more words that the search engines crawlers can pick up and use to rank your words and relevancy of your website.  You have some important and good words and messages (also important) on your site, but can you have more somewhere?  Can you add more pages – ‘one page one message’ maybe?
Good luck and I am here to help,