WordPress Training Review Suffolk

WordPress Training Review

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Something to be proud of, thank you William.

I had approached several web design companies as I needed to sort out my SEO. I did not grow up with technology although i have been adding info to my word press site. I had been quoted £70 +vat an hour by companies to deal with it on an ongoing basis and I presumed it was not something I would be able to do myself. Andy showed me that although it is a minefield you can pick your way through it and learn how to do things that I presumed were way beyond me. I am surprised that the cartel of “SEO experts” have not had Andy dealt with as like many “consultants” they only know a little more than ordinary people but charge a fortune to do it. Andy showed me in a way that I could understand and remember, and doing it myself allows me to use language appropriate to the potential clients I want, which is not something I would expect an outsider to be able to do. The hundreds of pounds I will spend with Andy over the next few months will benefit me much more in the long term than the thousands I could have spent with other companies.

William Barthorphttp://cateringforsuffolk.co.uk